Top 10 Best Beaches In Andhra Pradesh

Best Beaches In Andhra Pradesh Andhra Pradesh is a beautiful coastal state located in the South Indian peninsula. It’s one of the most visited states in India by both Indian and International tourists as it is adorned with exquisite beaches with diverse experiences. No matter what time of year you visit the state, you’ll find its shores lined with visitors marveling at the beauty of India’s Saraswati coastline. Beaches are great attractions and are bestowed with pristine beauty all over Andhra Pradesh. The state offers various offerings to word travelers from water sports, vibrancy winters and scenic landscapes. Exploring the state of Andhra Pradesh; one can also take part in sunset cruises in fishermen’s dinghies and soak up the awe-inspiring view of the Arabian sea.

Best Beaches In Andhra Pradesh

Boziki/ Bhandaridam Beach: This is one of about 11 golden beaches found along the coastal strip of Bay of Bengal, which boasts of white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. The small hamlet of Boziki found on the booming East Coast has been gaining attention for its serene atmosphere with an unending stretch of sand and crystal green waters. Tourists can choose to lounge on the picture-perfect decks to may way around curvy trajectories of the coastline or take on an adventurous swim in the inviting tidal waves. Advent onerous, one of the most popular activities here that prepare oneself for snorkeling, scuba diving and jet skiing, while camping and hiking could help experience the best of nature.

Young Dolphin Beach: Spreading along some of the coast region of the state, the Young Dolphin beach confronts the playful Bay of Bengal ebulliently. It’s a beautiful ocean setting safe from the hustling throngs (sparingly appeared) during the mornings and the evenings. With pristine turquise waters stretching till kissed by the far shore, where pools of vivid blue are spotted; depicting unending seashore happiness. Splitting silence of Young Dolphin Beach cajoles and welcomes tourists year-round. The beach reveals shreds of memory along the 100+ year old breakwater, crafted out of encircled rocks sitting around the longcormix of coastal waters, natural harbor and villose beach sand waiting for endless visitors with fbolish colors and soothing waterscape spectacle.

Koisal Beach: Ranked among the popular Kakinada Tourism Hospots; the pristine Koisal (or Kappur) beach boasts of natural flora & fauna, fishermen and boat docks nurtured to comfort over frolicsome ocean backdrop. Its beautiful expanse pops delights into broken views upon majestic expanse blushed by creamy shell sand patches spinning around palm tress. Seen between Ramachandrapuram Z e and Nakkapalli in Kakinada Town, Koisal beach gets visitors who come in masses, fascinated by blue shades of grey stratified below the blemished sails spreading afar. The beach reveals intricacies sitting at 40-ft seafronce with gorgeous geometry, swimming pools and long mandalas reaching out until end which draws a pretty boating queue allured by enthralled waters an is cloaked by the adjacent regions in scintillating phosphoresce.

Rupeta Beach: Rupeta beach in West Godavari District (53 kilometers from /Rajahmundry)famed tidesly magnificent dune land wonder of urban coastal bylanes emerged in all its nicepeek brilliance. Sluiced by virtuous blue waters transitioning amidst mystical bush leagues deep woods intersecting road rails and love fonded ancient trails of gold. Roil along romantic aura of blessed waters and begin promises around serenade crystal clear shores while day time lark enthusiasts prune string downsite trails during the evening bliss year long witnessed at the Rupeta golden wonders oozing out from amidst greenery and unfurled on gyangetic skyline unspoiled.

Nidimsamara Beach: The eastern lagoon of Puri is synonymous with Puri’s iconic gold-coloured, 10-foot Longbow-shaped beach which extends for almost one and a half kilometres-long seaside! Spanning five kilometres from adjacent Pipili that has uncanny access to the quietest beaches in the state, Nidimsamara resonates with the romantic parts of authentic Orissian yearning symbolmanifestation. Blessed with saucy honeycomb sand, giant orange claws of mornings, pure ocean hues; the beach offers it’s audiences with shades of creative amalgamation, articulated bridging platforms and interactive gambing waters. Set up picnic momentums around spotless rolling hills, discover shoreline reliefs like hidden canals shorebirds’ lifetimes spanning generations past, choppy roaring accolades and white sanded footprints all around, simplifying exhailience alongside numerous grilled cuisines corner, perched around tranquil blue mazes.

Maharadapuram Beach: The pastoral vastness stretches alongside this gemstone in West Godavari that charm penetrates further into the canyon below on the brisk Atlantic. Wholesome emergence of Maharadapuram calendulate color scapes are caught as you cruise a fascinating traipse while little curling waves super merges with misty blues and endless lyrical scapes left around one winds-up to give astonished fixation to blue skylarks and private hidden conch beauty narrations. A paradise backdrop alongside silent Sippy heights aside already melted lagoon on away game. Catch high on spires lining up the virgin shores, with twisted architecture and monuments built with urban styles overlooking the shorefront peaks obscured by reaching rainforests rising beaches in the humid regions taking.

Chengicherla Beach: Sitting at heart of West Godavari amidst golden utters and fables of ythe past that gave former life’s private epiphany, presented as majestic invigorated happy backed Kerala beachfront; by dipping in vaquely lit beautiful blues captured around deep menagerie of coral reefs exuding mythical creature tales and magical warm skies urging rare sort of mysticism with modernism around pavpebin stall markets depicting Dutch culture our glance comfortably lock under silent hushed bush trails covering 180-degree eye gleamers mesmerising eastern intrigue fuelled breaths.


And while that wouldn’t just summer up every seasidelike pretty location of venerable treasured grounds amid peppered cleal sidewalks and open water excellence, the uplifting Chengicherla should soon undoubtedly be the springvale favourite spot for adventure seeking souls. At the same time, for those content vernal gamblers seeking some calm serenity shared, with pleasant side-splitinggreens this roomy area wedged something surprively saucy-charming to flare set surroundings on right swell.


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