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The Philippine eagle, also known as the monkey-eating eagle, is one of the largest and most powerful eagles in the world. Endemic to the Philippines, these majestic raptors are known for their strong grasp and keen eyesight. Sadly, they are critically endangered due to habitat loss and other threats.

The osprey, often referred to as the “fish hawk,” is a powerful raptor that is widely distributed across the globe. With a keen eye for spotting fish in water from great heights, the osprey is an agile hunter. Its unique ability to plunge into the water to catch its prey is a sight to behold and a favorite among bird enthusiasts.

The Northern Cardinal, with its vibrant red plumage and distinctive crest, is a familiar sight across North America. These songbirds are known for their melodious tunes that resonate through forests and gardens alike. Cardinals are often seen perched on branches, their vivid colors making them easy to spot against a backdrop of green leaves or winter snow.

In the arid landscapes of southern Africa, the Karoo Korhaan stands out with its cryptic plumage and impressive vocalizations. These ground-dwelling birds are known for their elaborate courtship displays, which involve puffing up their necks and producing distinctive calls to attract mates.

The Java Sparrow, scientifically known as Lonchura oryzivora, is a small bird that hails from Java, Bali, and Bawean in Indonesia. With its distinctive grayish-black head and pinkish-white body, it’s a striking sight to behold. These sociable birds often gather in flocks and are known for their melodious songs.

Hazel Grouse (Tetrastes bonasia) is a shy and well-camouflaged bird that inhabits dense woodlands and coniferous forests in Europe and Asia. These ground-dwelling birds are known for their elaborate courtship displays and distinctive calls.

Birdwatching is a captivating journey into the realm of feathered wonders, allowing us to witness the beauty, diversity, and uniqueness of avian life. In this beginner’s guide, we will embark on an exciting adventure to discover and learn about an exquisite selection of birds that share a common trait – they all start with the letter “V”. Whether you’re an aspiring birder or simply curious about the avian world, let’s delve into the enchanting stories and characteristics of these remarkable birds.

The charming Green Kingfisher (Chloroceryle americana) is a petite jewel of the waterways. With its vibrant green and white colors, it’s often spotted perched near streams and ponds, waiting to dive for its aquatic prey.