Campaign: The Hungry Republic

As part of The True-Blue Project, Samtana will launch a number of campaigns to raise funds that will be donated towards the Mid-Day Meal Program.

The True- Blue Project was specifically set up to support the efforts of various NGOs to help end classroom hunger. And to Kick things off in 2017, we begin with the “The Hungry Republic” campaign.

Our goal is to raise ₹26,000 by the 26th of January, in time for our 68th Republic Day celebrations.

You might think the campaign name is a bit harsh but it is what it is. Let’s not shy away from the fact that we have millions of starving children in India. Let’s not try to sugar coat it and triviliaze the issue. (Sorry, I couldn’t help the little rant!)

Now, in India’s 68 years of officially being declared a Republic, we’ve made tremendous progress as a nation. We’ve eradicated polio, developed nuclear weapons, sent Inter-Planetary explorations, and many other significant advancements we ought to be proud of.

Unfortunately, Poverty, Hunger and Illiteracy still remain India’s Achilles Heel. While there is no shortage of food supplies, access to it is a huge challenge. In a recent report by the Times of India, India ranked 97 among 118 countries in the global hunger Index.

We can improve these statistics together, if we all played our little part. Ours is to work closely with established NGOs which provide mid-day meals to school children.


So, how do I feed the “The Hungry Republic” ?

This is the first campaign of the year in our journey to feed a million meals by 2020.

To start 2017 on a positive note, we’ve set ourselves a reasonable challenge to raise ₹26,000 over the next few days leading up to our 68th Republic Day. We’ll do this by donating 20% of our Sales towards the Mid-Day Meal Scheme.

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Go on then, what are you waiting for, we’ve got Moola to raise… All ₹26,000 of it.

Let this Republic Day be more than Ethnic Dressing for work or watching the parade to see who the Chief Guest is or just sleeping silly through-out the day.




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