Mens Printed T-Shirt: Aether
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Mens Printed T-Shirt: Aether

We found this spray can wielding artist on the streets of Oporto, Portugal. One of the most famous street artists in that city, Hazul chose the most difficult element Aether to illustrate and hes pulled something magical out of his hat. Psychedelic, all encompassing, intricate and eye popping! If you're looking to cool buy printed t shirts then let this be one of them!

He Says:
"Aether is called the Fifth Element, but to me it is the first, or the zero, or the center element which is why I placed my design close to the heart. The symbol I chose is a Dodecahedron, the Platonic solid that represents Aether. It is the born center of all elements and the essence of all things in the material world. It moves in circles."

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