The Challenge

Though we face numerous challenges in our country, we believe two of them need our immediate attention – Hunger and Illiteracy.


Put your hands up if you’ve seen children begging on our streets or working in construction sites or waiting tables at hotels.


Most times, parents get their kids into forced labour out of necessity. They don’t see any other way to beat Hunger. Sadly, in their race to beat this most basic need, the child loses the RIGHT to an education.


This effectively puts an end to ALL their HOPES and DREAMS of a Better future for them and their family. Both these issues have destroyed millions of individuals, families and entire communities.


Let this NOT be our Future!


The True-Blue Project

The True-Blue Project addresses India’s hunger and illiteracy crisis by donating 10% of our sales towards the mid-day meal program. Everyday, healthy, nutritious meals are provided to children in government and government aided schools.


We’re on a mission to provide 1 MILLION MEALS by the year 2020 to school children in India through a number of NGOs. In a report by the business-standard, over 400 NGOs participate in this amazing program.


Every time you purchase a product from us, Samtana will donate 10% of our sales to provide up to 60 mid-day meals to children.


This is YOUR opportunity to BE THE CHANGE!



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