The True-Blue Project: End Classroom Hunger

Since our Inception in May 2011, Samtana has always considered itself a social business. We support causes and charities that have a direct impact on Individuals, families and communities at large.

Whether it’s buying organic cotton to protect the environment or paying Fairtrade premiums to farmers or participating in the mid day meal scheme to feed underprivileged school children, giving will always be at the core of our culture.

Before we go any further, it’s important you understand that we are a FOR profit business. We have salaries, vendors and bills to pay, just like any other business. While profits are an important metric for the company, it is not our only motivation. We believe, profits and social good can go hand in hand, both can be achieved in parallel and in equal measure.

Research has shown that the Mid Day Meal Scheme increases performance and keeps Children at School.

Mid Day Meal Scheme

There are over 400 NGOs serving mid-day meals to government and governement aided schools, EVERYDAY, to over 100 million children in 1.15 schools.

We’re convinced that participating in the mid day meal scheme will address 2 of India’s biggest obstacles – Hunger and Illiteracy. Independent research has shown that the mid-day meal program not only solves the hunger problem among school children but also encourages them to stay back in school.

“When you participate in the True-Blue Project, Samtana donates 10% of every sale towards the Mid-Day Meal Scheme.”

What is the True-Blue Project?

Encouraged by the results so far, Samtana is determined to accelerate that progress by feeding 1 million meals by the year 2020. We call this the True-Blue Project (True-Blue: To show loyalty to a cause).

When you participate in the True-Blue Project, Samtana donates 10% of every sale towards the Mid-Day Meal Scheme. This means feeding upto 60 meals to children in government and government aided schools. Isn’t that great?!

Printed Tank Tops with Contrasting Pockets

Why do we do it?

You’re probably wondering – Couldn’t I just make the donation myself instead of buying from you? Sure, you can. There are hundreds of NGOs participating in the Mid Meal Scheme and you can donate to them directly. Although, our enthusiasm for The True-Blue Project is much more than just donating.

Our focus is to raise awareness of the issues we’re trying to solve to a much wider audience both demographically and geographically. To do that, we need to BE A PART of the solution. Constant engagement with schools, with kitchens, with staff and sharing inspirational stories of children and staff makes us very much a part of that solution.

Now, not everyone can do that. Let’s face it, we all have day jobs, businesses to run and families to take care of. So, we do that for you. We’ll travel to schools, we’ll take you into the kitchens and bring you closer with all the latest happenings.

This is the essence of The True-Blue project. To give you an opportunity to be part of (Y)our Journey in alleviating hunger, Illiteracy in India. Both of which are very real and need our urgent attention.

Signing Off:

At Samtana, we want to create a generation that believes in the power of giving. When we come together as a community, we CAN achieve great things. Our history has shown this to be true! We don’t have to write another paper on it.

This is your chance to be a part of something that is revolutionary; your chance to be THAT change. (Like the great man once said). Come live it with us!

To help you get started and to give you a chance to experience our products, we’re giving you 10% OFF your first purchase. Please use the CODE: TRUBLU10.

Thanks for your time and we’d Love to hear from you! Please do write to us or leave your comments below.


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